meSch brochure for the Limerick City of Culture 2014

September 28, 2013 Laura Maye

This brochure has been made for the Limerick City of Culture 2014. As part of the programme for Limerick City of Culture 2014, the Interaction Design Centre at the University of […]

The Companion Novel – recorded at the Sheffield General Cemetery

September 27, 2013 admin

The clip is a demo of the Companion Novel, a book-like device that allows visitors of an outdoor heritage to select a theme and then receive personalised information at specific […]

Interaction Spaces: Interactive Spatial Areas to Control Smart Environments

September 26, 2013 admin

Abstract: Throughout recent years new input modalities found their way into consumer electronics. Recognizing body posture and gestures in the three dimensional space is now possible using hardware that is […]

Supporting DIY Approaches for Cultural Heritage Professionals through Digital Technology

September 25, 2013 admin

Abstract: There is a lot of potential for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approaches using digital technologies in cultural heritage institutions. In fact, some cultural institutions are already engaging in some DIY activities […]

Keynote: Digital-Material Hybrid Objects and Augmented Spaces to Support the Social Experience of Heritage

September 9, 2013 admin

Abstract: Digital technology for cultural heritage has been so far designed to favour the delivery of information over the sensorial experience of being there.This approach has had unwelcome consequences such as […]

Ingredients for a New Wave of Ubicomp Products

September 9, 2013 admin

Abstract: The emergence of many new embedded computing platforms has lowered the hurdle for creating ubiquitous computing devices. Here, the authors highlight some of the newer platforms, communication technologies, sensors, […]

Learning Lessons from the virtual world

September 1, 2013 Luigina Ciolfi

The summer edition of Review, the magazine of Sheffield Hallam University, featured an interview with meSch researcher Luigina Ciolfi.

The Collaborative Work of Heritage: Open Challenges for CSCW

August 26, 2013 Luigina Ciolfi

Abstract: This paper discusses seminal contributions by and current open challenges for CSCW in the study of cultural heritage practices. It provides an overview of key issues relating to social […]

Integrating Material and Digital: a New Way for Cultural Heritage

July 24, 2013 admin

The July/ August 2013 issue of ACM Interactions Magazine featured an article introducing the meSch project. The article can be accessed via this link (only for readers with access to […]

meSch Factsheet

July 24, 2013 admin

The meSch factsheet with a short description of the project, its goals, the project partners and contact information.