Apply now to validate innovative technologies for cultural heritage

eCultValue has chosen meSch technology for validation in Living Labs. If you want to try out meSch technology in your own institution, then this is your chance! The call for proposals is open until September 10th, 2014.


Technology from four different FP7 projects is available for validation by Living Labs in European museums or other cultural institutions, provided that they are open to receive visitors and tourists. From meSch, different technologies from different prototypes, such as the Loupe (augmented reality beyond the mobile screen) or the Companion Novel (turning an outside heritage site into a non-intrusive soundscape) will be available for experiments in real life settings. The main goal is to collect feedback and suggestions from real users to refine the solution and potential adoption of the technology.

Wanted: Cultural Heritage Institutions

Although proposals can only be sent in by Living labs (see below), heritage institutions can take action to express their interest and availability for experiments in October and November 2014. They can do that in four ways:

  • by contacting a Living Lab (LL) in their area that they already know
  • by searching for a LL in their area on the website of the European Network of Living Labs
  • by directly contacting one or more of the four FP7 projects they are familiar with (CHESS, INSIDDE, TAG CLOUD and meSch) and/or
  • by emailing ‘eCV-LLabs [at]’

Open Call for Living Labs

The eCultValue project has launched an Open Call that is an extraordinary opportunity for Living Labs to run experiments with technologies for cultural heritage at European museums: each of the two selected Living Labs will receive up to € 5,000 in co-funding.

The technologies available vary from cultural storytelling to social communities, from mobile apps for the cultural heritage promotion to Augmented Reality and 3D for new possibilities in the evaluation, interpretation and communication of cultural heritage: this Open Call makes possible to European Living Labs to present proposals based on technological products and solutions generated by the FP7 projects CHESS, INSIDDETAG CLOUD and meSch.

The Open Call deadline is 10 September 2014: workshops and museum activities will be performed in October-November 2014 and dissemination activities will start in December 2014 in Rome and Athens.

Application documents can be found on:


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