Best Paper Award for meSch at Digital Heritage 2015

meSch won a best paper award at the Digital Heritage Congress in Granada, Spain, where 305 papers were accepted.

The Digital Heritage Conference is a biannual confederated event combining the 21st International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM), the 13th Eurographics Symposium on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (GCH), the 9th Exhibition on Virtual Archaeology and Museums (Archeovirtual), the Fall Symposium of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA, the ICOMOS Digital Interpretation Panel and more. The 305 papers consisted of 52 full papers, 111 short papers and work in progress papers, and 142 posters. Of these, 5 papers and 5 student papers have been nominated and awarded for the best paper award. meSch won an award for the project paper entitled: ‘Through the Loupe: Visitor Engagement with a canada northwest pharmacy reviews primarily text-based handheld AR application”. The paper was written by Merel van der Vaart (UoA/APM) and Areti Damala (UoS) and was presented by Merel van der Vaart.

Best paper award for Merel van der Vaart and Areti DamalaMerel van der Vaart (PHD candidate at University of Amsterdam/Allard Pierson Museum) and Dr. Areti Damala (Research Associate University of Strathclyde) with their Best Paper Award.

There was a lot of response to the happy event, on Facebook, as well as on Twitter:

3rd award for meSch

Together with last years award for one of the best project papers of the Digital Heritage conference 2014 and the recent win of a best full paper award at the C&T conference, this is the third time that meSch researchers are rewarded for their work.

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