The Heart of an Object – Testing and Refining Prototypes of Smart Objects

On 27th and 28th of November several meSch teams of the different partner institutions involved in the project met in Amsterdam to showcase and test the developed prototypes of smart objects. On the second day, museum and heritage professionals from inside and outside the consortium were invited to [...]

Inventing Futures for Cultural Heritage at MediaLab-Prado Madrid

How would you like to augment a cultural heritage object with digital technology? What kind of additional information would you like to be available? How does this augmented dimension enhance your experience with the object? These were some of the questions the meSch team at Universidad Carlos III [...]

Co-Design Workshop in Trento: An Inspiring and Productive Event

During the consortium meeting scheduled at Trento (Italy), a co-design workshop was held at Museo Italiano Della Guerra on October 10th 2013. The theme of the workshop was to explore possible interactions and narratives of various existing museum artefacts. The co-design session provided great inspirations to aid the [...]

meSch Workshop at CA2M: Using Cultural Heritage Encounters to Enact Social Interaction

The meSch team at the University Carlos III Madrid (UC3M) is organizing workshops with cultural heritage managers and students, curators and visitors of exhibitions to understand how they envision future digital encounters with cultural settings. In this post we report on the first workhop at the Centro de [...]

An Interview with the Riverside Transport Museum in Glasgow on their design approach to interactive installations

In the meSch project museums and heritage sites and their staff are consulted and involved in the co-design process of the development of the meSch toolkit for creating interactive tangible exhibits with smart objects. This includes the three museums that are involved in the project as a partner, [...]

Co-Designing Tangible Interactions at Sheffield General Cemetery

Over the past six months, the meSch team at Sheffield Hallam University has worked with staff and volunteers of the historic Sheffield General Cemetery to discuss and explore novel interaction strategies for visitors of the cemetery by means of the meSch approach of mixing tangible interaction between visitors [...]

Source: Europeana 1914-1918, contributed by Elisa Piantanida, (made available under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license)

Reusing Existing Digital Content

This summer Work Package 5 (WP5) completed its first deliverable: “Analysis of existing data sources and services”. WP5 focuses on the meSch software and physical infrastructure and integration of the different components. The first task of this work package was to identify existing data sources and services that [...]

Seal Hunting in the Museum, Testing a meSch Prototype

Can a magnifying glass add a dimension to a museum visit? The Waag Society, one of the partners in the meSch project, created a prototype of an interactive magnifying glass: a wooden frame with a smartphone hidden in it. It aims at wayfinding on the one hand and [...]

What Do Heritage Professionals Want? Thoughts on the First meSch Co-Design Workshop

Co-design workshops will help shape the products and tools that are being developed as part of the meSch project. Through these workshops the end-users of the meSch toolkit, be they heritage professionals or visitors, are given an opportunity to take part in the design process, creating a product [...]

Group at work at Design Jam Limerick

Design Jam Limerick: a Productive Platform for Gaining Insight into Public Engagement and Digital Cultural Heritage Design

On 17 April 2013, the Interaction Design Centre at the University of Limerick (UL) hosted the second Limerick based Design Jam. Design Jams are worldwide events whereby individuals are presented with a specific design challenge to tackle, the general aim being to share knowledge and to work collaboratively. [...]

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