meSch in NMC Horizon Report Museum Edition

The report identifies six key trends, six significant challenges, and six important developments in technology across three adoption horizons over the next five years, giving museum leaders and staff a valuable guide for strategic technology planning.

CoDICE screencast: see how it works

The team from meSch partner UC3M has developed a software platform called CoDICE, short for Codesigning DIgital Cutlural Encounters.

Call for Papers: Cultural Heritage Communities: Technologies and Challenges

meSch will host a workshop at the Communities & Technologies Conference 2015 to discuss examples of community involvement in cultural heritage and of related technology design and use. This workshop lets us explore issues that are at the core of the meSch process and that are strengthening further as [...]

How should museums integrate new technology in their strategy?

As potential providers of new technology for museums, we are aware of the gap between existing museum practices and progressive technology. Most of the times, the two just don't meet naturally. It is therefore of great importance, that intermediate bodies, such as the eCult Observatory, bring together cultural [...]

The meSch approach to evaluation

Assessing the impact of the meSch approach is a task of critical importance within the meSch project. Evaluation is all about exploring the short and long term impact, potential and viability of meSch and it’s products for all implicated stakeholders: museums, Cultural Heritage professionals, museum visitors, designers, tech [...]

Workshop with the Loupe in Sofia

The National Museum of History in Sofia, Bulgaria is running experiments with the meSch Loupe as result of the eCultValue open call for Living Labs.

Best project paper award for meSch

meSch won a best paper award at the Euromed Digital Heritage Conference 2014, where 438 papers were submitted in total and 158 papers were accepted.

meSch technology chosen by Living Labs

In July 2014 the eCultValue project launched an Open Call to select Living Labs able to run concept validation experiments at European museums based on technologies developed within FP7 projects for Cultural Heritage. We are very glad to announce that one of the awareded proposals will be using [...]

The Loupe travels to Bulgaria

Chosen for validation through the eCultValue project, meSch technology has been selected by the National Museum of History in Sofia to experiment with. This means our Loupe will travel to Sofia for extensive testing!

meSch newsletter published

The first edition of the meSch newsletter in September 2014.

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