Technologies and Challenges for Cultural Heritage Communities – A Recap

What challenges are different communities facing when caring for, approaching and communicating heritage holdings? And how do they use technology to facilitate and aid their activities? These were the main questions that an international group of researchers and cultural heritage professionals explored during a an international workshop in June in [...]

This museum makes me feel… – an interactive word game

Creative Technology student Szandra Iván recently graduated at the University of Twente (The Netherlands) with an exploration of new prototypes that would fit the context of the meSch project. Her graduation project resulted in an interactive word game that evokes reflection on one’s feelings towards the artworks on [...]

Teaching user-centred design to heritage students

The UC3M team has been carrying out workshops where students approached the design and early prototyping of smart objects to enhance the user experience with cultural heritage objects or sites. The goal was to promote reflection upon the features that will make such experiences richer before focusing on [...]

meSch in NMC Horizon Report Museum Edition

The report identifies six key trends, six significant challenges, and six important developments in technology across three adoption horizons over the next five years, giving museum leaders and staff a valuable guide for strategic technology planning.

Beyond the audio guide: Why we use earpieces and projections

In a series of blog posts Hub Kockelkorn from Museon takes us behind the scenes of the first meSch enhanced exhibition ever to reveil how meSch technology was used. This is the second blogpost in the series. The previous blog post was about our expectations with regards to the use of smart replicas. This [...]

Visual of the Atlantic Wall exhibition

Why do we use smart replicas in the museum?

On April 10th, 2015, the first meSch enhanced exhibition will be opened to the public at Museon, a Dutch museum and partner in meSch. 'The Hague and the Atlantic Wall - War in the City of Peace' is the first exhibition ever that has been realized with fully [...]

CoDICE screencast: see how it works

The team from meSch partner UC3M has developed a software platform called CoDICE, short for Codesigning DIgital Cutlural Encounters.

Call for Papers: Cultural Heritage Communities: Technologies and Challenges

meSch will host a workshop at the Communities & Technologies Conference 2015 to discuss examples of community involvement in cultural heritage and of related technology design and use. This workshop lets us explore issues that are at the core of the meSch process and that are strengthening further as [...]

How should museums integrate new technology in their strategy?

As potential providers of new technology for museums, we are aware of the gap between existing museum practices and progressive technology. Most of the times, the two just don't meet naturally. It is therefore of great importance, that intermediate bodies, such as the eCult Observatory, bring together cultural [...]

Going to the trenches with meSch technology

There’s no such thing as testing technology for real, in place, with users. The amount of feedback that can be gained out of the lab on the technical issues, emotional impact, content adequacy, and interaction effectiveness is invaluable.

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