Co-Design Workshop in Trento: An Inspiring and Productive Event

During the consortium meeting scheduled at Trento (Italy), a co-design workshop was held at Museo Italiano Della Guerra on October 10th 2013. The theme of the workshop was to explore possible interactions and narratives of various existing museum artefacts. The co-design session provided great inspirations to aid the production of the authoring toolkit for the meSch platform. The workshop was led by meSch partners Dick van Dijk from Waag Society and Fiona McDermott from the University of Limerick. Co-design workshops will be held several times throughout the meSch project, involving our design, museum, research and technical partners; the output of these workshops are aimed to inspire the development of the overall meSch platform.

Starting the workshop

To commence the workshop, meSch partner Fiona McDermott presented insights of some of the heritage professionals interviewed by several partners in the project. This presentation led to interesting discussions and each of the heritage professionals in the workshop provided brief insights on their own practices.

Session 1: Potential interactions and narrative sequences for museum objects

The participants at the workshop were divided into four groups; each group contained at least one museum professional from our partner institutions. The challenge was to think about what sort of interactions and narratives may be formed around existing museum objects. The museum partners provided visual and textual representations of an object from their collections for the exercise.


Designing interactions and narratives for museum objects

Each group thought about what sort of narrative the object would tell, and what kind of interactions or engagements would evoke elements of this narrative. Groups were invited to reflect on questions such as ‘What would I like the object to do?’ and ‘What would I like the interactions to tell?’


Designing interactions and narratives for museum objects

Session 2: Presentation of ideas

In the final part of the workshop, each group presented their ideas to the participants in the workshop. Participants shared their ideas on what kind of interactions an object could have and what sort of narrative they could portray.

A productive workshop

The museum was a great location to discuss interactions and narratives for museum artefacts. The workshop was a great success and several of the ideas generated will be used to inspire ideas for both the meSch platform and future co-design workshops held within the consortium.

More about the full consortium meeting in Trento

Find out more about the full consortium meeting in Trento of which this workshop was part in this blog post.

To view more pictures from the co-design workshop, check out the meSch Flickr account.

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