Co-designing a Collaborative Platform with Cultural Heritage Professionals

Authors: McDermott, F., Maye, L., and Avram, G.

Date: September 2014

In: Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference (iHCI)

The paper describes our work undertaken as part of a EU-funded collaborative project involving twelve partners from six European countries, aiming to provide a platform for the creation of tangible smart exhibits to enable heritage professionals to design and assemble physical artefacts enriched by digital content in a DIY manner. Our approach is grounded on principles of co-design, the broad participation of designers, developers and stakeholders into the process, and on a Do-It-Yourself philosophy to making and experimentation. Hands-on design and prototyping workshops are employed throughout the project to inform and shape development. The paper focuses on these co-design activities, wherein cultural heritage professionals (CHPs), designers and technologists work together in local and consortium-wide workshops to co-create the DIY platform. It presents the results of an investigation into the design thinking, practices, and processes of a particular set of users – cultural heritage professionals – who are involved in the design and realisation of cultural heritage exhibitions involving digital interactive technologies.

Categories and Subject Descriptors
Interaction design process and methods
General Terms
Design, Experimentation, Human Factors
Co-design, cultural heritage, interactive exhibits
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