03/12/2015 - 04/12/2015    
12:00 am


Wałbrzyska 3/5, Warsaw

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meSch coordinator Prof. Daniela Petrelli from Sheffield Hallam University will be presenting at the EUScreenXL conference in Warsaw. The title of her presentation is: “Using design to explore intertwining of digital and physical heritage“.
Content digitization and online access is only the first step. Digital repositories available online do not automatically mean use. The concept of use itself must be unpacked to understand the full potential of digitized content in many and different contexts. 
Drawing from the experience gained in the EU project meSch, Material Encounters with Digital Cultural Heritage, I will discuss how archival material can find new ways of being consumed by museum visitors. Ubiquitous computing enables to conceal technology within physical objects and augmented spaces and foster a direct engagement of the visitors with the content. The physical experience can then be extended online with personalised content selected on the bases of individual visit logs. Key is that content creation and expected use are designed simultaneously in a collaborative process between curators, designers and technologists.

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