UKMW14: Museums Beyond the Web


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Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD

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The Museums Computer Group’s annual conference will be held at the Natural History Museum on Friday November 7 2014. The theme for UKMW14 is ‘Museums Beyond the Web’.

What does ‘the web’ mean to those of us working with digital and museums today? Increasingly, our visitors’ online experiences are moving away from the humble browser and even from games and mobile apps. From the ‘internet of things’ and wearable technology, new forms are displacing the World Wide Web as our primary experience of being connected to the internet.

While new technologies offer ever-more different ways of being digital, digital disciplines are advancing rapidly. But innovative technology doesn’t necessarily mean big budgets: several sessions looks in particular at the experiences of small museums working with serious ambitions and limited budgets.

Digital museum professionals and the museum-curious alike will find UKMW14: Museums Beyond the Web a useful, interesting and enriching experience.

Session: Experiences Beyond the Screen

Digital media is escaping even the flat screen of mobile phones. Wearable technology and the new generation of virtual reality offer radically immersive experiences: can these easily become part of the everyday museum experience?

meSch will be presented by Daniela Petrelli as part of this session.

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