Virtual Museum Network Amsterdam Meetup


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Allard Pierson Museum
Oude Turfmarkt 127, Amsterdam

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About the Meetups

The Virtual Museum Network Amsterdam Meetup are regular meetups are hosted by the Allard Pierson Museum. The Allard Pierson Museum participates in both meSch as in the European project v-must. In every meetup a specific topic in the context of virtual museums and the use of new media in museums is discussed. Everyone interested in these topics can join. The Meetup repeats every 8 weeks (usually) on Friday.

This Meetup

The next Virtual Museum Network Amsterdam Meetup takes place on September 30 at 03:00 PM.

The topic of this Meetup is: “How did a negative experience improve your working practice?”

From the Virtual Museum Network Amsterdam Meetup website:

“No project is perfect and we often learn most from things that didn’t exactly go according to plan.

In a sector that’s dependent of funding, museums are inclined to celebrate success, and to be very quiet about the things that didn’t work out. In the technology sector, where new tools and devices are introduced continuously it is much more common to share experiences and learning in order to help the field improve.

When museums start to experiment more and become early adopters of new technologies, could and should they also adopt a more open & sharing culture?

Rather than listening to a single speaker we would like to encourage more discussion and sharing this time. How did you learn from failures in the past? What did you learn about working with external partners through challenging communication? How did your planning improve after a project that didn’t deliver on time? If you worked with museums as a technology partner, what experience taught you most? And what could museums learn from it? What practical issues got in the way when developing an amazing new installation?

We’re looking forward to a learning and sharing with you at this Failing Forward Meetup.

Please note, this Meetup will be held on a Monday. As usual, tea and coffee will be available at the Museum Café after the Meetup.”

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