Join us at the Digital Heritage Expo 2015!

Are you attending the Digital Heritage conference 2015? Then we would like to meet you!

It’s with great pleasure that we inform you that from September 28 to October 2, the meSch project is present at the Digital Heritage Expo 2015 at the Science Park Museum in Granada, the largest exhibition on Digital Heritage ever organized.


MeSch bridges the gap between visitors’ cultural heritage experience onsite and online by providing a platform for the creation of tangible smart exhibits that enable heritage professionals to compose and realize physical artifacts enriched with digital content without the need for specialized technical knowledge.


At the stand 3B of the Digital Heritage Expo, Dario Cavada and Adriano Venturini from ECTRL Solutions will demonstrate how, with meSch, it is possible to combine interactions, contents, and physical devices to build onsite experiences for the visitors; experiences can exploit different thematic threads and personal characteristics of the visitor (spoken language, age) to engage with the visitor in a personalized way. Thanks to the meSch authoring tool, heritage professionals can easily represent experiences as “recipes”, containing all the necessary rules, contents and scripts modelling the interaction of the visitor for the exhibition. The built recipes are then deployed on the meSchup starter kit, a basic demo box built using the meSchup onsite platform, which allow to evaluate and demonstrate the built and the supported physical interaction with the visitors.

The meSch project will be discussed also at the workshop “DigitalHeritage 2015: Behind the Expo”, the 29th of September at the Science Park Museum). The presentation will go through the motivations behind meSch, the design decisions which have been taken and how cultural heritage organizations and IT specialized companies could benefit from the meSch technologies.

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