Podcast: A conversation about the Loupe with The Versatilist

meSch researchers Dr. Areti Damala and Merel van der Vaart spoke with Patrick O’Shea from the Immersive Learning Research Network to discuss the use and role of Augmented Reality in the Loupe, one of the meSch prototypes.

Various meSch partners have developed, worked with and studied various iterations of the Loupe in various cultural settings. After tests in both Museon and the Allard Pierson Museum, the Loupe was evaluated in the Hunt Museum and the Allard Pierson Museum and it even traveled to Bulgaria as part of the eCultValue Living Labs.

At the Digital Heritage Congress 2015 Dr. Areti Damala and Merel van der Vaart presented a paper on a Loupe evaluation study  they carried out in the Allard Pierson Museum. In response to this paper they were contacted by Patrick O’Shea, Assistant Professor Instructional Technology at Appalachian State University and Board Member of the Immersive Learning Research Network. He invited them for a conversation about the Loupe and their study at the Allard Pierson Museum for his podcast series The Versatilist.

After describing the Loupe (you can also watch this video) they discuss some of the research findings, as well as previous on-gallery experiences with Augmented Reality and the considerations behind certain design decisions. Other topics that are discussed are screens as attention grabbers, helping visitors move their attention between real objects and screen-based information and the narrow divide between exploration and feeling lost.

You can find the Versatilist podcast by following this link.

The paper Through the Loupe: Visitor Engagement with a primarily text-based handheld AR application can be found among the meSch Outputs.


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