meSch technology chosen by Living Labs

In July 2014 the eCultValue project launched an Open Call to select Living Labs able to run concept validation experiments at European museums based on technologies developed within FP7 projects for Cultural Heritage. We are very glad to announce that one of the awareded proposals will be using meSch technology!

Although two proposals were due to be awarded, the ranking showed it advisable to perform an effort to allow a third proposal to be awarded. These are therefore the three Living Labs which have received co-funding to execute the real-life setting activities:

The eCultValue project has foreseen some validation results events in December 2014 (other dissemination activities will take place also by initiative of Living Labs, Museums and FP7 projects themselves): on 1st December Rome is going to host the ESoCE-Net forum “People-driven Social Innovation” with a panel of Living Labbers to discuss not only the outcome of the experiments above mentioned but also what are the hurdles for effectively innovating the Cultural Heritage.domain, while on December 8th and 9th at the eCult Winter Stage (Acropolis Museum, Athens) the key aspects of the Living Lab co-participative approach will be discussed by eCult Ambassadors, technology providers and cultural heritage stakeholders.

Further Reading:

  Source: Living Labs: Evaluation Results

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