New on the Website: Short Video Clip Presenting the Companion Novel prototype

The meSch team at Sheffield Hallam University made a video about a meSch prototype, which can now be seen on the meSch website. The clip is a demo of the Companion Novel, a book-like device that allows visitors of an outdoor heritage site to select a theme and then receive personalised information at specific points of interest.

Still from the video

About the Prototype

When the book detects a point of interest, nearby a sound is played to attract the attention. When the visitor is closer a story is played. The loudspeakers are lodged in purpose-made encases that fit with the environment: the ornamental wreath for the first point of interest and the bird box for the second.

This prototype has been designed and implemented by the meSch team at Sheffield Hallam University.

See the Video

You can find the video in the outputs section of this website:

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