New video: mobile content editor

Demonstration of the mobile content editing tool that can be used on site to change content in the displays.

Video was made by the University of Stuttgart (USTUTT) and submitted to and accepted for a demo at Pervasive Displays ’15.

It shows the mobile editing tool that can be used on-site, thus in-gallery, to edit content in the authoring platform in real time:

“Content is often deployed remotely and leads to unexpected results because it cannot be viewed, assessed and possibly modified in context of the target display. By extending the typical workflow of content creation with a mobile editor component for onsite tweaking, we believe that better content can be produced in shorter time optimally fitting the context in which it is displayed. In this paper we present VEII (Visual Editor for Interactive Installations) – a web-based toolkit that supports the common practice of content collection and composition in a CMS-like manner, but adds a mobile device component for tweaking content on-site and with instant feedback on the target display. Early insights of using the toolkit indicate that it leads to much shorter “change and re-try” cycles, more creative experimentation and better content.”

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