meSch publishes newsletters during the project. They contain selected information about developments in the project itself and related topics. If you want to stay informed you can regularly visit our website you can subscribe to the newsletter by signing up in the form on the right hand margin on the homepage!

1st meSch Newsletter | January 2015
Content: What is meSch? The coordinator herself explains. | A selection of our prototypes. | Additional reading material.
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2nd meSch Newsletter | Januari 2015
Content: Special on academic papers published on meSch research.
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3rd meSch Newsletter | June 2015
Content: Take a look behind the scenes of the 1st meSchenhanced interactive exhibition.
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4th meSch Newsletter | January 2016
Content: Curious about Co-Design? Take a look at our newly published resources that help run your own co-design workshops.
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5th meSch Newsletter | May 2016
Content: Catching up on year 3 and showcasing meSch
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6th meSch Newsletter | February 2016
Content: meSch project ends
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