meSch explained: promo video

This video explains in two and a half minutes what meSch is all about and what our prototypes are capable of.

meSch prototype: the loupe

meSch prototype: the loupe from Waag Society on Vimeo. This video shows the loupe, a prototype developed by Waag Society for the meSch project. The loupe is a tool to explore the stories behind museum pieces. […]

Workshop at Waag Society November 2013 This video is a registration of a co-creation and brainstorming session hosted by the Waag Society in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on November 27 and 28 2013. The workshop revolved […]

The Companion Novel – recorded at the Sheffield General Cemetery

The clip is a demo of the Companion Novel, a book-like device that allows visitors of an outdoor heritage to select a theme and then receive personalised information at specific […]

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