Smart object enhanced museum exhibition: Atlantik Wall at the Museon

Video that gives an impression of the use of smart objects in an actual museum exhibition and the visitor´s reactions to it.

“The Hague and the Atlantic Wall – War in the City of Peace’ is the first exhibition ever that has been realized with fully integrated meSch technology – thus with partly 3D printed replicas of museum objects that have been enhanced with sensors to create a smart interactive environment.”

This video gives an impression of the technology used and the reactions of visitors to this new kind of interactives.

More about the background of the exhibitions can be found in a series of blogposts on the project website:…

The interactives in this exhibition were co-designed and produced by meSch partners: Museon in The Hague and Sheffield Hallam University.
The video was produced by Waag Society and meSch.

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