Identity Matters: enriching heritage to meet a new era


14/04/2016 - 15/04/2016    
All Day


Wibautstraat 150, Amsterdam

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Borders blur. Disciplines merge. Barriers come down. The 21st century is a time of repositioning, and there is a key role to play for heritage. How do we (re)present ourselves, our public, our archives, our countries and our institutes? Let’s regroup at Volkshotel for the end conference of RICHES.

Changing society and new perspectives 
Professionals, experts and policy makers from the fields of heritage, museums and technology will gather for a two-day programme to explore collaboratively future visions of heritage. Against the backdrop of Europe’s changing society we will challenge our perspectives, policies and case studies. We will question our own identities and wonder how we can help others to explore theirs.

What to expect? 
Exciting keynote speakers (to be announced soon!) will reflect on our central question: how can we enrich heritage and heritage practices to meet the challenges of a new era? For many people cultural heritage deals with what it is rather than with who we are. It is often a treasure trove, locked away in a language foreign to us, about a past that seems to be of little relevance. How can heritage professionals create meaning for young people? For newcomers? How can technology help us here?

This is what we’ll do at Identity Matters. Project results will be presented, enriched and placed in a context of our changing identities. Participation will be central. We will experience inspiring examples first hand in the city of Amsterdam. Through urban safaris and visits to heritage sites, all conference participants get to see best practices in action. Policy recommendations will be delivered to support this.

The regular online ticket sale for the conference is expected to start in January 2016. 
You’ll find the registration form below this page. 

In the past three years the RICHES consortium, consisting of ten partners from six European Union countries and Turkey, have carried out research focused on bringing cultural heritage and people together. They have found new ways to engage people in a digital world. 


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