This museum makes me feel… – an interactive word game

Creative Technology student Szandra Iván recently graduated at the University of Twente (The Netherlands) with an exploration of new prototypes that would fit the context of the meSch project. Her graduation project resulted in an interactive word game that evokes reflection on one’s feelings towards the artworks on display. Dick van Dijk (WAAG) discusses the project with Szandra.

sandra-ivan-mesch-graduate An abstract from the interview: Can you shortly explain what you did in your graduation project? “I designed a word game to be used in the museum. With this game I specifically want to address the social aspects of a museum visit: social interaction often is restricted to one person’s use or turn taking of an audio guide, that can isolate the user. As part of my research, I explored the use of a tangible interface that adds a physical aspect to this social experience and a memento that might provoke a more emotional bond. I evaluated my ideas with staff and visitors of Rijksmuseum Twenthe. Starting point for my ideas was the notion of ‘the museum as a conversation’. The aim became to find exceptional ways to convey non-factual information about artifacts, reveal hidden features by peeking or eavesdropping through an installation that allows the museum visitors to construct their own experience and realize their own ideas. The installation would give way to user generated content that would open up the opportunity to say things about art that you might feel are not allowed normally.” Curious about Szandra’s project, approach and the results? You can read the full interview at

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